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My kids hadn’t been sick in months, but Tuesday they both suddenly (suddenly!) came down with nasty colds – heads full of snot, coughing, fevers, the whole shebang. So yesterday was a stay-at-home sick day, and we all just muddled through with a lot of extra snuggling and reading in the “big bed.” I had to remember/brush up on my home remedies throughout the day, and I realized it would be helpful to have it all written in one place for the future. Periodically, people ask what I do when my kids are sick, so now I can direct them to this post as well.

First of all, please take your kids to the doctor if they need to go. Please give them medicine if they need it. I’m definitely not saying anyone should ignore those wonderful medical blessings. Just so you know, I gave Crazytown some acetaminophen Tuesday night. Her fever quickly jumped up above 103 in the middle of the night, and she didn’t seem to be speaking coherently. I know fevers have a purpose, but we also all benefit from a good night’s sleep. So yeah, she got medicine, and we all went back to sleep without worrying (too much). She’s totally fine, by the way.

Anyway, when my kids get sick I try to pump their bodies full of as many helpful nutrients as possible. I want to help their little immune systems any way I can. I think healthy food is one of the absolute most important things, but this gets kind of tricky when they get the sick-pickies. My kids normally eat very healthy, hearty diets…not so, when they’re sick. I was so thankful for our juicer yesterday! (Juicers can be pricey investments, but Dave found a refurbished Breville for us last year. It was quite a bit cheaper than a new one and works great!) I do think it’s important to eat “whole foods” and get all the fiber that goes along with them, but a fresh vegetable/fruit juice is a wonderful way to get a super dose of nutrition that is almost immediately absorbed into the body. At dinner Crazytown slurped down the nutrients from:
1/2 a beet – vitamin C, iron, folate
4 carrots – vitamin A
2 celery stalks – vitamin K
1 orange – vitamin C
1/2 an apple – potassium, vitamin C
a chunk of ginger – just totally awesome
Sweetboy loved it too! I mix some powdered vitamin C and probiotics into their juice when they’re sick.

I also make more smoothies when they’re sick. I use different combinations of yogurt, almond milk, bananas, frozen/fresh berries, spinach, avocado, frozen peaches, flax seed/chia seed, and pureed pumpkin. If we have any leftover I use it to make homemade popsicles for the next day.

Crazytown loves drinking tea, so I’ve created a little sick tea concoction for her:
decaffeinated Sleepy Time Green Tea bag
1/2 t grated ginger
1 t local raw honey
good sprinkle cinnamon
1/2 t coconut oil
little squeeze of lemon juice (she doesn’t like it too lemony)
After it steeps for a while, I strain it and add an ice cube. She drinks it right down!

Essential oils – I use Young Living:
Thieves blend on the bottoms of feet – supports the immune system, helps regulate body temperature
Lavender and Purification blend around ears – supports healthy, clear ears
Breathe Again blend on chest and across the sinuses (only if you can trust your children not to rub it into their eyes!)
RC or Raven blend on back
RC/Raven, Thieves, and Purification in the diffuser
Thieves in an immune boosting bath before bed. This is one of my all-time favorite uses for essential oils. Combine Thieves, epsom salts, and coconut oil in a very warm bath, and watch the symptoms subside! This usually has an immediate effect with my kids, helps them sleep better, and lasts into the morning. Last night Crazytown had a major sweat after the bath, and then she was cooler than she’d been all day. I watched the snot draining out of their noses as they sat in the water.

Meanwhile, I can’t stop hugging and kissing these sweet little sickies, and I didn’t think to give myself some preventative Thieves. So now I’m laying on the couch and drinking sick tea. Hoping I can hit the hay early tonight and sleep it off. Oh, I also had a spoonful of honey with a drop of Thieves – spicy!

Bonus recipe! I can’t help believing that Ina Garten’s gazpacho must have healing powers. It is so unbelievably delicious and chock full of fresh raw veggies. Plus, it’s even better the next day.


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