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Well, apparently I wrote this blog post three months ago but forgot to publish it. Whoops! I was all ready to write a new one tonight, but I guess it can wait until tomorrow!

April, 2014:
In December I shared some ways that essential oils have helped our family, and it’s time for an update! We are still going strong with the oils! I may or may not have a small addiction. But the more oils I try out, the more I fall in love. My latest favorite EO miracles: Lavender for lady troubles, Peppermint for digestive issues, Thieves blend for supporting normal body temperature, and Orange for a wired baby. Amazing.

When Crazytown was born and I began thinking about what and how we would feed her, I also took a look at my own diet and lifestyle. I’ve always eaten pretty well and felt healthy, but I realized that I was putting a lot of unnatural and even toxic substances into my body through food and personal care products. And I wanted to change that. The past 2 1/2 years have been a gradual transition to more natural living and eating. I know I still have some things to change, but I feel good! Part of that transition involved a desire to rely less on prescription and OTC medicine. There is DEFINITELY a time and place for those things, but why not prevent them when possible? Young Living Essential Oils have been a crucial way for our family to do just that, and now there’s no going back.

Here’s an example that happened just about a month ago. Crazytown came down with a nasty cold – smearing snot everywhere, coughing, and soon enough complaining about her ears. We went to the doctor, she was diagnosed with an ear infection, we did a round of antibiotics…and then dealt with her yeast infection. Poor girl gets one every time she has antibiotics. It’s no surprise really, since antibiotics damage the body’s natural healthy flora. Naturally, Sweetboy caught the cold too and was showing the same symptoms. I had read about using essential oils for ear infections, but I was hesitant – I didn’t want to watch my children suffer while I used them as guinea pigs for my natural remedies. Sure enough, Sweetboy started pulling on his ears too. He was still happy and didn’t appear to be in real pain, so I gave the oils a shot: Purification blend and Lavender rubbed around the outside of his ears. I continued a few times a day, he stopped messing with his ears, and his cold went away without any need for a trip to the doctor.

Now, I’m not a doctor…or a medical professional of any sort. I didn’t look in Sweetboy’s ears with a fancy doctor flashlight. But I did see some common symptoms decrease and quickly vanish altogether. I will certainly try that method again!

Please share any questions or comments below! I love to hear new ideas and suggestions for using essential oils!


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