playing catch-up

I keep putting off this post because I don’t know where to start, but my mental to-blog list is getting too long. We are the memory keepers, you know, and I happen to have a pretty bad memory. I feel discouraged sometimes when I realize that I can’t remember it all. I want to so badly! I want to store away every little moment of my life, especially now when I’m seeing these two little humans grow and learn and experience life in huge ways every day. So I’ll try to get back to more regular posting to preserve the moments that too often slip from my memory.

A lot has happened in the past several months! We celebrated Christmas in Chicago. We moved back to St. Louis and settled into a new rhythm of life. Sweetboy turned 1 and started walking. Crazytown is just as adventurous and entertaining as ever. We’ve mostly unpacked and made this house our home, and we even started our garden. We are exploring new places and enjoying this finicky spring weather.

A smattering of pictures…

IMG_3841 IMG_4179













I sure do love my people!


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