meet me in saint louis, louis (an announcement)

So how’s everybody? I hope you’re all enjoying the holidays as much as I am. Whoever (whomever?) invented holidays was a genius. But more on that later…

The reason I’m here tonight is to make an announcement, not small talk. Big news, people! We’re moving back to St. Louis! Really soon! We’ll be there in less than a month! Dave recently accepted a position at Washington University; and although we are very excited to get back to our old stompin’ ground, we will definitely miss a lot about West Virginia. It has been the perfect place to begin raising two little ones, with few distractions and lots of quality family time. But we’ve hardly seen Dave’s family during the past two years (before last week, seven months since we saw Dave’s dad!), and we’ve realized just how much we enjoy living in a city. So yeah, change is a comin’. When we get home after the holidays we’ll have about three weeks to pack up. I get kind of twitchy when I think about that too much. But I love throwing/giving things away, so hooray for a house purge!

So I have a few questions for all you St. Louisans:
Where can we live? Do you know of a 3-bedroom house for rent with a back yard and easy access to the metro?
Do you want to help us unpack when we arrive? We’ll probably feed you dinner or something.
If I agree to be your tootsy-wootsy, can we dance the hootchy-kootchy?


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