a natural woman

Somehow word got out that I use natural body and cleaning products. A few people have asked what I use, so I thought I’d just put together a quick list. None of these are my own recipes, but they all work really well for me.

the Duggars’ laundry detergent
stain remover: 1/4 C peroxide, 2 T baking soda, 1 t Dawn dish soap – mix it up and scrub it on with a toothbrush
dishwasher detergent
Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds for dishwashing soap
all-purpose spray cleaner (bathrooms, kitchen, floors)
goo-gone: cram orange peels into a quart jar, fill it up with vinegar, let it sit for 10 days or so, and strain out the liquid

I stole my face regimen from my beautiful sister. She did the following for the weeks (months?) leading up to her wedding this June, and her skin was absolutely radiant.
Morning: baking soda paste for exfoliating, a smidge of coconut oil with a drop of frankincense essential oil
Night: grapeseed oil followed by a hot washcloth for cleansing and moisturizing, 4:1 ratio water/apple cider vinegar toner on a cotton ball, tea tree essential oil on blemishes

Shea Moisture lotion

Dr. Bronner’s lotion

Jason toothpaste

Jason kids toothpaste

Nature’s Baby Organics shampoo/soap (I don’t love it.)

I tried a number of natural shampoos before settling on J.R. Liggett’s shampoo bars. It has been the only one that made my hair feel clean but not straw-y. A couple weeks ago I added a few quirts of that same apple cider vinegar as “conditioner,” and it was the icing on the cake. It truly feels like conditioner without the greasy film getting left behind.

For my body I use either a pure olive oil soap bar (like this one) or Dr. Bronner’s peppermint bar soap.

We also use Dr. Bronner’s liquid peppermint castile soap for hand soap, diluted in half.

And for my final trick, homemade deodorant! I’ve only tried one recipe, but I like it. Some people react to the corn starch or baking soda, so you may need to leave out one of those or just add more coconut oil to dilute it a bit. I like a combo of tea tree and lavender essential oils. (I’ve recently jumped into the world of essential oils, which may deserve its own post at some point. Just call me crunchy.)

So there you have it, folks. Clean without chemicals.


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