a trip to the garden (and a cream puff update)

Crazytown went to school today, and while Sweetboy was taking his morning nap, I ran around back to dump the compost and check on the garden. (I had planned to do a garden “tour” with pictures, but most of it is pretty crusty at this point. You didn’t miss much.) I found some green beans, a couple of stubby carrots, a lovely beet, and the last of our cherry tomatoes. It was a nice little haul, here at the twilight of our summer garden.


Oh, yeah. An entire branch of peppers had snapped off, so I brought it along too. I see stuffed peppers in our future…


But I was particularly struck by the beauty of the morning. It’s that autumn business again – gets me every time. It was still cool but sunny. Everything was all dewy. I broke off the beet greens but decided they were too beautiful to cast aside. Have you ever had a beet green centerpiece? It feels a little jungle-y, and I like it.


Gardening is some sort of therapy for me, and I wish I had time to do it more. Or a giant fenced yard where I could garden and let the children roam free. With the chickens. Some day…

One of my favorite bloggers wrote about autumn today and shared two quotes that say exactly what I’m feeling these days.

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”     – George Eliot

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”     – Anne Shirley (L.M. Montgomery)

Okay, you guys. Yesterday I mentioned some pumpkin cream puffs. They did not disappoint! I told Dave we need to have a dinner party so I can serve them and impress people. Wanna know the best part? The recipe is so easy you wouldn’t believe it! I did exactly what she told me to, and they came out perfect. I didn’t even have to scoop out the insides before I put the cream in. Go make them, pronto! Here’s the tray of freshly baked puffs. (I took a “before” picture, but the lighting was horrible and they just looked like blobs anyway.)


And the plate of puffs with cream…


The recipe makes extra cream, which Crazytown appreciated. She mostly licked pumpkin cream off a spoon.


In any case, I will definitely be making these again. Oh, here’s a good recipe for pumpkin pie spice if you don’t have any on hand. And apparently cream puffs are best if eaten the day they’re made. So guess what my late-night snack will be? I’d better be careful or I might just turn into a cream puff.


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