these are a few of my favorite things (for baby)

Every once in a while friends will ask me about baby must-haves, and I’ve always wished I could just direct them to a pre-made list. Well, now I can!



  • Baby Led Weaning is, hands down, one of the best parenting decisions we have made, for so many reasons!
  • Ask Lenore I just recently came across this website. It seems to cover several issues, but I wish I had seen the breast feeding advice when Crazytown was born.
  • Modern Alternative Pregnancy I haven’t used this website much, but I subscribe to Modern Alternative Mama. Again, I wish I had known about this website with Crazytown.


We had/have plenty of other stuff too, of course, but these are the things I really love. I’m sure I’ll think of fifty more as soon as I hit “publish.”

Oh, and if I could bottle up the sweet aroma from the top of my baby’s head, I would add that to the list. He smells deliciously of oatmeal and new chicks, with a splash of milk. (Emily D, you know you would buy it.)


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