man cannot live on bread alone…or can he?

I just realized that I forgot to share one of my fave new recipes! One day I wanted to make bread but didn’t feel like looking up a recipe (can you say lazy?). Lucky for me, there happens to be a recipe on the bag of King Arthur Unbleached Bread Flour so I tried it. Delish! I did make a few changes. Instead of just throwing all the ingredients together as the recipe suggests, I mixed the yeast and sugar in warm water (reduce your milk by that much), then added the other liquid ingredients, then the dry. I also melted the butter first. But yeah, it’s a tasty and easy bread, a new go-to recipe for me.

And these brownies. Boy howdy! If you’re looking for a chocolate fix, you must make these. They’re whole wheat! Basically a health food!

Okay, have you people heard of cooking in the dishwasher? My mom recently brought this novelty to my attention. I happen to be at her house right now, so maybe we’ll give it a try… If you have any tips leave a comment!

We might also try baking “boiled” eggs in a muffin tin. Have you tried that yet?


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