baby, month by month (warning: photo influx)

Poor little second-born baby. I think I took all of four preggo pictures with him, and we didn’t have a newborn photo shoot. But I’ve managed to get monthly pictures…except for month 5. Think he’ll forgive me? Today I did a 25-week photo shoot to make up for it. That is a thing, right?

My mom took a bunch of family pictures when Sweetboy was a couple of weeks old. I love them because we look like ourselves. We have fun, and we love each other!


1 month:


2 months:


Image(getting fatter!)

3 months:

ImageImage(not loving the rocking chair that day)

4 months:

ImageImage(already seeing a glimpse of him as a little boy)

25 weeks:

ImageBlue eyes 🙂  He’s laying on a beautiful quilt made by my lovely and talented Aunt Jenn.

IMG_5700Too bad you can’t see the action going on here…a bit of pelvic thrusting, if you will.

IMG_5701He was a little serious…

IMG_5719so Grandfather got involved 🙂



(I’ll make the photos less giant next time.)


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