makin’ whoopie!

Ha! Gotcha! I have some more recipes to share, the first of which is Zucchini Bread Cookie Whoopie Pies 🙂 I made these last night, and they were pretty delicious. The bread part is fairly healthy as far as these things go, but the cream cheese filling is not – perfect combo. Some suggestions: Let your applesauce come to room temperature if it’s refrigerated. Let the dough firm up in the fridge for a loooooong time. I left mine for the suggested hour, but it was not long enough so the cookies spread out during baking – boo. Mine were not the precious little bites that Iowa Girl showed. Also, I’m not sure what to do about this one: I refrigerated the leftovers because of the cream cheese/butter icing, but the bread got kind of weird and slimy. Still tastes great though! Maybe make them for a bunch of people so you don’t have leftovers. Or eat them all yourself at one time!

Iowa Girl made these too, and they.are.awesome. Fresh Peach Crostini with Whipped Honey Feta and Balsamic Drizzle. Man, oh man. Do exactly what she tells you to do, and then stuff your face.

A couple of weeks ago Dave and I pulled up a bunch of beautiful rainbow carrots from our garden. We wondered if the leaves were edible, and lo and behold – carrot top pesto is a thing. We settled on this recipe for Roasted Carrots with Carrot-Top Pesto. It tasted really great, but the pesto was way too oily…like, kind of made us sick oily. So, just use less oil! Oily pesto aside, I’ll be roasting carrots more often from now on – delish!

And now, time for the aforementioned chicken and dumplings. I had never made this dish before but knew that was going to change when I saw this recipe in the September issue of Real Simple. I was planning to cook a whole chicken in the crock pot anyway, so I was happy to have a second recipe for the leftovers. RS’s recipe calls for uncooked, bone-in chicken; I just used the precooked chicken and the stock I made in the crock pot (do it). The flavor was awesome, but I recommend adding more salt. Aside from the chicken, I pretty much followed the recipe. It was hearty, flavorful, healthy – what more could you want? And the dumplings! Yum! I will say, though, they were a little large. I think “8 large spoonfuls” should be “12 medium spoonfuls.” But then they might be too gummy? I dunno. I’m no dumpling pro. I do want to try the Pioneer Woman’s recipe at some point. She uses some corn meal in her dumplings. Could be good!

Eat up!


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