links for parents

As I mentioned the other day, both of my babies have been sick and the little baby is teething. Sweetboy got his first tooth on Sunday and had a few recovery days, and now the second one is making its appearance. Oy. When Crazytown was teething I think she was cranky maybe twice? We know now that she just has a very high pain tolerance. In any case, we were spoiled. This whole teething business is really a drag! (Side note: Hyland’s cold tablets and teething gel both seem to be very effective.) (Another side note: I have not yet decided how open I’ll be about my children, location, etc on the blog. For now, I’ll call my daughter Crazytown and my son Sweetboy.)

Annnnnnyway, I had extra blog-reading time while I nursed and held Sweetboy while he slept. I came across some posts that I thought were worth sharing, mainly for parents.

10 Things Nobody Told Me About Having a Newborn – Yes! This is so right on!

Why I Almost Quit Nursing My Baby – This was my experience with Baby #1. Hang in there, ladies! (Or don’t, and don’t beat yourself up over it.)

parental love – Wow. I should probably read this every day. 


Thoughts on anonymity/online privacy/protecting my children’s identities?


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