thought for food

How about some new recipes?

Monday morning I came across a recipe for raw zucchini salad on one of my favorite blogs. We happened to have all of the ingredients so I whipped it up to go with our leftovers lunch, in like 10 minutes. It’s recipes like this that make me think I could be crazy enough to go raw vegan. Elizabeth and Nick, are you reading this? Anyway, it was so light and delicious, very summery.

Then I saw a chocolate chip cookie recipe so I made those. Hey, do yourself a favor and just use butter. Margarine, shortening, and vegetable oil are not healthy. Because I’m trying to be healthy when I make chocolate chip cookies?

Then I found a new pesto recipe, made it, and mixed it with whole wheat pasta for dinner. (Tip: add in a little pasta water to create a more smooth consistency with the pesto.) Divine! To go with it, I made the most amazing caprese salad. We’ve had it before, and it is good every time. We add balsamic vinegar.

Tuesday’s dinner was corn chowder. I didn’t have a chipotle pepper, so I doubled the amount of smoked paprika. It tasted delicious but seemed a little thin. I think next time I would add more corn or maybe some potatoes.

On Wednesday we planned to make eggplant parmesan, but we ended up hanging out with our awesome neighbors until dinner time. We came home stuffed with cookies and milk tea. So the eggplant parm happened on Thursday. We’ve never made it before, and it was certainly a labor of love…and didn’t even turn out that great. Maybe because it was baked? I’m thinking fried is just better in this case.

Now, Friday was a home run, if I do say so myself. My lovely sister and her handsome husband arrived on Friday morning for a quick vacay at the Chateau McKee. Our dinner was so amazingly delicious that I am just counting down the days till I make it again. Seriously. I will be buying the appropriate ingredients the next time I go shopping. Dave’s parents got us a subscription to Bon Appetit for Christmas, and we regularly tear out new recipes for our “to-make” stack hanging on the fridge. (Lucky for me, these recipes are online too – easy linking.) Okay, people, get out your grocery lists so you can make these recipes pronto. Quinoa Salad with Peaches and Pickled Onions. YUM! I’m a quinoa salad lover to begin with, but combine sweet peaches, peppery arugula, and tangy onions, and you’ve got a real winner. Then, Herbed Green Beans with Feta. AHH! How do I describe these? Fresh, light, crisp, rich, savory. I can’t stop thinking about them. And later that night my sister and I whipped up some blackberry muffins for a midnight snack/breakfast the next morning. I upped the amount of whole wheat flour, and they were just fine. I would probably try all whole wheat with these. The 8 ounces of fatty cream cheese would probably cover up the wheaty-ness.

This afternoon I made black tea blackberry sorbet for the third time. We can buy fresh picked blackberries at the nearby farmer’s market for super cheap, and we’ve used them for this recipe almost every time. Tea in sorbet? Of course! Why not? Note: If you feed your toddler sorbet full of caffeine and sugar right before nap time, she might not fall asleep.

Tonight we had breakfast for dinner cause we were so tired of cooking. Okay, so we used a new pancake recipe too. It was easy and delicious, and the blended oats make the pancakes a little more hearty. We went with whole wheat flour and left out the blueberries. You can sub butter or coconut oil for the vegetable oil if you are so inclined.

So there you have it! I don’t always try this many new recipes in one week, but I’m always glad when I do. Food is fun! And homemade food always tastes the best. Bon appetit!


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