and so it begins…

Well, I’m finally joining the ranks of every other whole-food-eating, baby-wearing, laundry-folding, blogging mama. Try not to judge, okay? For months I’ve been drafting potential blog posts in my head, but I could never rationalize spending the time to actually do it. Then I realized that I’d probably spend less time on a few blog posts per week than the time I waste on The Facebook. So I’m beginning a month-long trial: I will sign off Facebook and write blog posts instead. I’ll still use Instagram and share my photos on Facebook. I have a hunch that I’ll never go back, but we’ll see. I don’t have a very clear focus for this blog, and I’m not sure that I want one. You’ll probably see recipes, pictures of my children, garden updates, documentary recommendations, and the like. I would like for the blog to be a sort of online scrapbook for our family. It’s mostly for me, but maybe I’ll become one of those professional bloggers that makes lots of money…


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